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From Physical Distribution business to THE WAY OF Logistics…..

The International logistics industry is currently in a period of significant change. Economic blocs with alliances in various areas have been developed in the undulation of the big world economy, and international distribution has been further specialized in particular.

In addition to each company’s unique product competitiveness, companies involved in international trade i.e, export and import, should consider the component of transport and delivery to customers as a part of the product itself. And I believe that to pursuit and practice this is a competitive trade business strategy.

Logistics is a military term meaning “strategic transport of supply” in Japanese.

In wartime, it is meant to be “Efficient in all respects to backup the frontline combat troops in war”. This military logic also applies to business logistics.

Current international logistics companies are required to ensure all logistics support that is needed for each trading company or business people to assure freights are delivered to partner countries or to their home country from the perspective of the frontline of logistics, and to solve problems domestically and internationally from the point of view of a third party as necessary. Factors to be considered depend on each situation and are different in every trade. I believe that the mission of logistics is to share with clients information such as cost, speed, efficiency, weather, circumstances in partner countries, and so on which are ever changing on a daily basis and to control logistics more smoothly.

At Yokohama port, Japan, we provide consultation for international logistics from the point of view on a practical level along with exclusive information collected from our own resources. And needless to say, we perform practical services of logistics: booking for cargo ship space, warehousing, customs clearance, inspection for export and import, taking photos for records, container vanning and devanning and etc.

We look at logistics and trade from a strategic point of view and share and provide necessary operations and information with customers. To stimulate and stabilize trade transaction is the mission statement of Prosperity Logistics.

Prosperity Logistics Co., LTD

CEO & President Yoshiyuki Miyauchi